For months I had the problem with the interaction on my Twitter account, because I have to see how to handle English and Serbian conversation on some propper way.

The problem is in the fact that when I want to more interact in Serbian language, a lot of non-Serbian speaking followers will not understand the statusses, and it could be very boring to them. I experience myself the same issue with some persons with a multilingual Twitter accounts I follow, and often I miss something important from those people. The reason is - I did not have enough attention regarding a lot of tweets in other language(s).

Finally, yesterday I got the tweet from Oliver Gassner (very influential German blogger) with this remark:

Oliver Gassner Twitter status 

I created the account to have it only for tweets and the interaction in English. I hope that this will work, although there is the advice not to do multilingual tweets with separate Twitter accounts.

What are your experiences doing multi-lingual Twitter?


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